The MyView prepaid VISA card. Physical and Virtual VISA

The information regarding your MyView Prepaid Visa card will be sent to you via email with a secure link that will allow you to obtain your claim code for a virtual or a physical Visa gift card

  • The MyView Virtual Prepaid Visa card can be used online and/ or over the phone only. There are no fees to use or redeem your virtual card. Pay your bills online or by phone, shop your favorite catalogs or order take-out food … the possibilities are endless!
  • If you desire so, you can request a physical card for a $3 shipping and processing fee. To do this please read the instructions below. 

Once you have ordered your prepaid Visa card and the status of your order is “Processed”, you should receive an email confirmation with the Transaction ID of the order and another email with your 14-digit promo code. To proceed further, please follow the instructions in that email.

Keeping Track of Your Visa Card(s) and Purchases

In order to redeem your virtual or physical Visa card, you need to create a account. This will allow you to link all your current and future MyView Virtual Prepaid Visa cards into one account. This will also allow you to track your card balance and the purchases you make with your Visa card. To redeem your first MyView Virtual Prepaid Visa card, enter your promotion code, then create your account. Or, if you have already created an account, simply log in with your username and password, then enter the promotional code into the Redeem Codes section.

Keep in Mind: 

Once the promo code is sent to the recipient, they have 6 months to redeem their promo code. Also, a promo code will expire in 3 months from the time the code was redeemed on

Please make sure to redeem your card before the expiration date. If your card expires before you use it, it can be reissued for a reissuing fee

Ordering a Physical Visa Card

First you need to order a Prepaid Visa card in the MyRewards section on and then request a physical Visa card through your account. If you opt for a physical Visa, the card will be sent to you via 1st class US Mail in your name within 7-14 days, and loaded with the exact amount of money redeemed minus $3 shipping and processing fee. The card is sent active so you can use it immediately -- there is no need to activate or make a special trip to the bank. Use the funds on the Visa card at over 30 million Visa® acceptance locations worldwide. There is a $3 shipping fee when ordering a physical card, but no fees when using it for shopping within the Unites States. The physical Visa card can be used at any merchant worldwide that accepts Visa.


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